New Buffalo residents concerned about further erosion

About one year after one a New Buffalo porch fell into Lake Michigan, the condemned home it came from is being knocked down.

With heavy winds this week, neighbors surrounding the house are worried about erosion eating away at their own homes.

This porch has been sitting on the beach for a year now, the result of years of erosion on the New Buffalo shoreline home.

Now, with other parts of the house barely hanging on, the city has hired contractors to demolish the rest of the back this week.

Winds have been raging for the past few days, covering what’s left of the shoreline, eating away at the sand.

Ed Oldis, who lives next to the condemned home, says over the last 30 years, he’s watched the beach below his home shrink, and the waves have come closer and closer to his street.

“Originally when we came here there was a lot of beach. 200 ft as a matter of fact in front of the pump house, and there was so much beach that it protected the homes and the bluffs. Over time the beaches have gone away. That coincides really with the harbor going in,” Oldis said.

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