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New Buffalo Township Library researches if they should receive training on how to use Narcan

New Buffalo Township -- 

The New Buffalo township library is researching the use of Narcan.

The library and the Berrien County Sherriff’s department will work in conjunction to review the positives of training to use narcan and having it on hand.

Along with reports of opioid use across the country the opioid crisis hit the New Buffalo Township library recently.

The library director Julie Grynwich says they recently had a personal experience with someone overdosing in their library.

“Umm it was the week of our grand opening and somebody ran out of the bathroom saying that there was a young woman that was unconscious in the bathroom so of course we called 911 and it was frightening for the staff. Thankfully the police came within two or three minutes they were probably close by anyway and an ambulance came and they took her and we found out later that she overdosed in the bathroom but she was okay.”

The library staff says they’re working to be fully prepared.

Grynwich says the ongoing spike in opioid use was one of the many reasons they decided to research narcan use.

“It’s  become more and more prevalent. You can’t turn on the news without finding out with the opidod crisis. We believe if you can save one person then we should do everything we can.”

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