New Buffalo's Rich Eichholz running for Michigan's 6th District

NOW: New Buffalo’s Rich Eichholz running for Michigan’s 6th District

Rich Eichholz, a scientist and business leader from New Buffalo Township, is one of several democrats running for Michigan’s Sixth Congressional District seat.

Eichholz is originally from Hyde Park in Chicago, but moved to New Buffalo 15 years ago.

He says social liberalism is part of his core, but he’s focused on improving the economy.

“My focus is totally on jobs and revitalizing our local communities. Everywhere I go in the district, people are anxious and worried about their communities and it’s all because the jobs are disappearing. And like I said, we’ve had Upton for 30 years. And in that time, he’s basically been the steward of watching our economy just drop to zero," Eichholz said.

This is the first time Eichholz has run for office.

He joins at least five other democrats who are hoping to take Fred Upton's seat. He has held this seat for 30 years.

Upton’s team says he has no plans to retire next year, but he is considering a run for Senate.

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