New business in Elkhart hopes to help other companies in the area

NOW: New business in Elkhart hopes to help other companies in the area

ELKHART, Ind.- An Elkhart business just finished setting up shop and it’s not an RV company.
DNA Creative, a marketing firm started five years ago, but is now re-branding in their new locationin hopes of bringing success to businesses in the city.
Both owners say there are other marketing firms in the city,but what sets them apart is that no business is too big or too little for these Elkhart entrepreneurs.
On the third floor of 200 Nibco Pwky, you’ll find two recent college graduates and owners of DNA Creative, a company that’s promising an all in one marketing solution.
“We try to take social media and video production and tie those two things together,” says Andrew Reynolds, the Executive Producer.
Reynolds and Doug Kessler, the Director of Operations, have been friends since 7th grade; both decided to take their business up a notch.
“We soon decided after we graduated that it was time to launch our business into a full time corporate setting,” says Kessler.
What first started as a wedding videography company is now offering Elkhart businesses an approach to social media.
“We knew that the area had a lot of opportunities with companies,” explains Reynolds. “There are a lot of companies here that are thriving now. We know they can use our social media and video production to up their game.”
Reynolds says social media is the most cost effective way to market, “it’s an untapped resource that they are not using yet.”
Kessler agrees, “It’s not expensive to do, but the impact you have on social media can really boost your company and you can really see a return on your investment.”
The overall goal of this company is to expand their client’s presence in a cost effective way and they’re starting here, close to home.
“We don’t know exactly where we’ll end up, but Elkhart is a great start for us, an opportunity to grow with other markets too,” says Reynolds.
The Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce and Mayor Tim Neese will be out here celebrating their new ideas, with an official ribbon cutting next month.

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