New Carlisle development plans get the green light

The Saint Joseph County Development Commission approved two big steps in some New Carlisle developments Tuesday. 

First, Cender and Company, a local finance and planning firm, signed on to watch over the funding for the development. 

“In New Carlisle we've got a couple of projects we approved today. First, a kind of financial contract to do some financial reporting out in the area, help us put together a budget for the next  25, 30 years,” said Bill Schalliol,  St. Joseph County  Economic Development Director.

The commission approved a second decision to study a ditch that is up for relocation. 

“The second contract is for some additional study on the Niespodziany Ditch. And the ditch is one we'd like to relocate to the Western part of the development area so that we can have some development opportunities,” said Schalliol. 

The next steps in the project will be discussed in a meeting set for March 14th.

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