New Carlisle man volunteers to clear downtown sidewalks

NOW: New Carlisle man volunteers to clear downtown sidewalks

NEW CARLISLE, Ind.--- A New Carlisle man has been spending his time clearing the sidewalks of downtown New Carlisle for free. Keith Kauffman has been voluntarily clearing the sidewalks for several years.

"My wife has a store on the other side of the street and I shovel hers out. Just being neighborly, I shovel the two on the side and it’s just expanded," said Kauffman.

Kauffman is the former athletic director of New Prairie High School and now shovels most of the sidewalks along Michigan Street.

"I’m a member of the historic New Carlisle and we just renovated this building last year so I shovel it out and once again, why just do this one square when I can shovel this too," said Kauffman.

Kauffman began shoveling the snow after retiring and has now become a staple for New Carlisle. 

"Most people think I work for the town," said Kauffman. "They see me out here and they think this is something that the town does, but all of the business owners are responsible for all of the sidewalks in front of all of their spaces."

Kauffman says he enjoys the opportunity to get out of the house and give back to his community even in snowy, freezing weather.

"I retired and I’ve always been active,"  said Kauffman. "You have to keep busy, you got to keep doing things, so. It’s nice out here tonight."

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