New details released in LaPorte murder

LAPORTE, Ind. -- New details have been released in the death of Birdie Elder whose body was found in a freezer in her home on Sunday, June 15.

According to investigators, Daniel Shoffner's daughter police and told them her father said he had killed his roommate and put her in the freezer.

When a LaPorte Police Officer arrived to 116 McClung Road, he located the body of Birdie Elder in a freezer.

After being advised of his rights, Shoffner told police he was with his girlfriend, Birdie, and they were drinking together. He told police he and Birdie they got into an argument about Birdie's family and Shoffner started doing "knife moves" and accidentally stabbed Birdie in the neck, according to the probable cause affidavit.

During questioning, Shoffner admitted to stabbing Birdie two more times. Shoffner allegedly said he stabbed Birdie in the chest and in the hand when she tried to block him from stabbing her.

Shoffner also allegedly said Birdie collapsed and he held her until she stopped breathing. He said this took about ten to 20 minutes.

Shoffner told police he then put Birdie in the freezer to keep her cool.

He told police he took Birdie's Xanax pills, shot insulin into his stomach and slit his wrists trying to kill himself, according to the probable cause affidavit.

A few days later Shoffner woke up and went to the hospital for stitches, he told police.

Shoffner told police the stabbing happened either Thursday or Friday and thought Birdie had been in the freezer three or four days, reports said.

Amber Shoffner, Daniel Shoffner's daughter, told police he had told her Sunday that he killed Birdie but that he wanted her to wait to call police until Monday so he could kill himself.

Instead, she called 911, according to police.

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