New disciplinary rules going into effect in Michigan

NOW: New disciplinary rules going into effect in Michigan


MICHIGAN - New rules for how to discipline students are set to go into effect in Michigan.

Starting August 1, schools will have more flexibility in determining when to expel or suspend students.

Before the new law, signed by Gov. Eric Holcomb in December 2016, there were several offenses for which a school was required to expel a student. Those included bringing a dangerous weapon to school, engaging in criminal sexual conduct, committing arson or physically assaulting a staff member.

Additionally, suspensions or expulsions were required when students physically assaulted another student, verbally assaulted someone or made a bomb threat.

Under the new law, officials are required to consider seven factors before expelling or suspending a student, including the student's age, disciplinary history, disability, seriousness of behavior, whether the behavior poses a safety risk, whether remedial action has been taken and whether a less severe intervention would address the behavior.

Each school will be able to define its process for considering those factors.

Mandatory expulsion will still be required if a student brings a firearm to school.

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