New expo to bring education resources to the community

NOW: New expo to bring education resources to the community



An education expo is hoping to expose the community to educational opportunities in St. Joseph County.  

Trine University in South Bend and Mishawaka Penn Harris Public Library are working together to put on “Next Chapter: Education Expo.”

Organizers say this is the first time they have hosted an event like this, but hope to continue it annually. 

It will take place on Tuesday from 4 – 7 p.m. at the Mishawaka Penn Harris Public Library. Around 20 vendors will be at the library during that time to answer questions. Those vendors will represent various colleges, trade schools and education resources from the county. 

"I think the mindset is a lot of times people think ‘oh I'd love to go back to school but I just don't know how or I don't even know where to start,’” said Nick Pittman, regional director of admission at Trine University in South Bend. “So we kind of make this event as like an ice breaker, giving them that opportunity to kind of come in mosey around.”

Pittman worked with the library to organize the event. He says he wants the expo to be a welcoming and relaxed environment where people can get their questions answered. 

There will also be three workshops during the event. South Bend Schools will host a workshop on continuing adult education. There will also be a session on financial aid and the library will host a session on the resources it offers. 

“We think this event will allow us to provide tools not only for continuing education or going back to school or career advancement, but it will also provide tools to create lifelong learners in the community as well,” said Kate Rhoton, community engagement librarian with the Mishawaka Penn Harris Public Library. 

The event is free to attend and is open to all age groups.

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