New Granger startup working to resolve internet issues

NOW: New Granger startup working to resolve internet issues


GRANGER, Ind. -- The pandemic has sent students, parents, young professionals, nearly everyone home and at their computer! We have all been there. The screen starts to buffer and your house is experiencing one zoom meeting too many.

Now, a new startup in Granger is hoping to solve just that!

Ben Miller was not the only parent facing the classic at home pandemic problems. With three children doing virtual learning and two parents working from home, the internet just could not keep up.

This inspired NFINET. Miller alongside his colleague wanted to rethink internet services. Miller had several years in the industry prior and knew there were problems to be solved. He decided what better place to start solving them then his hometown in Granger.

The biggest change? NFINET sees internet as a home asset, not a utility. The new startup is a premium network infrastructure that provides two decades of high-speed internet.

Everything is paid up front one time! In simple terms, the fiber internet becomes essentially a fixture of your home, like a deck or solar panel. Miller explains personalization and availability was at the forefront of their concerns.

“We wanted to design something where someone can get the most, and the highest level of service, says Miller, COO. “We do not want people calling about their speed or their bill, it does not matter your income everyone is getting the same level of service and it becomes the oxygen we breathe it is just plentiful and everywhere.”

Learn more about NFINET here.  

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