New Lake Michigan college president unveils plans

NOW: New Lake Michigan college president unveils plans


After an extensive search of over 90 candidates, Lake Michigan College finally has their man for the job. And Dr. Trevor Kubatzke says he already has some goals in mind before he unveils his agenda. 

One of them is making sure career training at LMC is even better than it already is. He's got a background in that specifically. And he also spoke about working with Benton Harbor Area Schools, which are struggling right now and facing questions of whether they can stay operational.

"I really view education as a k-20 vision," said Dr. Kubatzke. "So you can't think of us without thinking of who's feeding students to us and where those students are going. So the college has to be part of that equation. And working with Benton Harbor, I'm looking forward to that."

Dr. Kubatzke also wants to make sure the money from November's millage vote is properly used. The funds are meant to go toward major projects on campus. 

Kubatzke also says he's passionate about developing a good relationship with area businesses. He believes working with them is essential, and he needs to be the catalyst. 

"It's our job to make sure we're talking to our businesses and manufacturers to find out 'what do you need today, what do you need five years from now,'" said Kubatzke. "So we can make sure that work force pipeline is there for them when they need it."

Kubatzke is expected to unveil his agenda later this summer. 

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