New laws heading into the New Year for Indiana and Michigan

NOW: New laws heading into the New Year for Indiana and Michigan

Michigan is already enforcing some new laws for the New Year, with the rest going into effect by February 13th. Here in Indiana, laws won’t be enacted until July 1st.

Indiana's 2024 Legislative session is set to begin on January 8th. Since the Hoosier state's General Assembly is only part-time, lawmakers only meet from January through March, and all legislative decisions must be made by March 14th.

Since Indiana’s fiscal year is July 1st-June 30th, a July 1st start date for laws makes sense over January 1st.

For the 2024 Indiana legislative session, lawmakers say education is a top priority, along with improvements to roadways, specifically I-65 and I-70.

Lawmakers plan to meet on January 8th, and since this is an even-numbered year, the session will be shorter. It must be wrapped up by March 14th.

Notable laws taking effect in Michigan in 2024 include:

  • Minimum wage in Michigan is raised from $10.10 to $10.33.
  • After water lines across the state were contaminated with lead last year, physicians will have to start ordering lead exposure testing for all young kids at a certain age. Schools and childcare centers will also have to install water filters to protect against lead contamination.
  • After the mass shooting at Michigan State last year, gun control laws requiring universal background checks and safe storage will be enforced.

Notable laws to be discussed by Indiana's General Assembly in 2024 include:

  • A financial literacy course will now be required at most Indiana schools before graduation.
  • In an attempt to tackle reading proficiency, the state is looking at measures that could hold back more third graders if they aren’t reading at grade level
  • Antisemitism on college campuses will also be discussed this year
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