New life-saving app launched

A new app can send information to a Michiana hospital before you even get there.

It's called ICE Michiana, and it's set up to help you during an emergency.

Emergency contacts, medical history, allergies, and current conditions are all critical things that emergency responders need to know about a patient when they get to a scene.

Now accuracy isn't a question. Paramedics don't have to search for your driver's license in your wallet anymore, or a paper with your medications and allergies.

It's all on a new free app called ICE Michiana, or In Case of Emergency.

With the push of a button, paramedics can send the information you store on your smartphone to the hospital before you even get there, so doctors can be prepared and waiting.

For those who don't have a smartphone, tablet, or WIFI device, you can create a ICE Michiana Kit in an ICE tube and store it in your refrigerator. That way when rescue crews rush to your house, they will know where to find it.

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