New Norovirus strain making its rounds

As if this year's flu season wasn't bad enough, there is another contagious virus making its rounds across the country.

It's the super bug that came from Australia and it's a new strain of the norovirus. It can cause severe stomach pain, vomiting and fever.

However, unlike the flu, you can get this from food! You can also catch it from any hard surface you touch, and unfortunately, most hand sanitizers can't catch the norovirus because it lingers for weeks.

"This is one of the most contagious virus we have dealt with...No vaccine, no real treatment, except fluids. You want to prevent dehydration," said Dr. Richard Besser, a medical contributor.

If you breathe in as many as 1,000 particles of the flu virus, you can get sick. With that norovirus? It only take 18 particles to catch it!

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