New report raises concerns over effectiveness of vaccines

NEW YORK -- A new report obtained by ABC News is raising concerns about the effectiveness of childhood vaccines.

The Centers for Disease Control found several violations within the federal vaccine program.

According to the report, 75 percent of the doctor's offices checked by inspectors revealed that vaccines were stored at the wrong temperatures. The same percentage had damaged goods in their vaccine refrigerators.

And one out of four doctor's offices had expired vaccines.

"I think doctors need to be taken out of the woodshed on this. Each state is responsible for its vaccine programs. Doctors need to look in their offices. Are my nurses doing this? Are the vaccines safe? The integrity of the program relies on this," Dr. Richard Besser, ABC's chief medical editors said.

Experts said that expired vaccines, or those stored incorrectly, will not harm children. However, the vaccines can be rendered useless.

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