New selfie gallery bringing creativity and photography to Michiana

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- But first… let me take a selfie! This is the idea of the newest destination coming to Michiana. Introducing, House of Snaps! Now, everyone can have the chance to put their photography skills to the test.

House of Snaps will be the first selfie gallery of its kind in Mishawaka that provides a creative experience to beginners and influencers, alike. The project was taken on by photographers Sandra Mosimewa and Vanshelli Price. The two friends have a passion for travel and found themselves visiting these selfie galleries. From Vegas to Atlanta, the photoshoot experience was frequently a highlight of their trips!

The construction process now underway for 2 months and is set to open in July. Located in University Park Mall, the gallery will offer visitors 15 different photo backdrop experience alongside the perfect lighting. All of this, to allow everyone to express their creativity in a new way.

“That perfect profile picture, or getting the perfect selfie people think it takes a lot, but it’s just the creativity behind it, but instead of them having to do it and finding that backdrop and paying thousands of dollars for a photographer they can come in here and the background and go from there,” says Price. “We are trying to make the process easier but make it fun and easier at the same time.”  

To keep up with the construction process, you can find further information about house of snaps here.

CORRECTION: The story originally incorrectly stated that the House of Snaps will be the first selfie gallery in Michiana. This story has been corrected to say it will be the first of its kind in Mishawaka.

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