New voting machines in Elkhart County

NOW: New voting machines in Elkhart County

Monday the Elkhart County Election Board held a public demonstration of the county's new voting machines, which will be available for the next election.

The new machines will be replacing machines that have been with the county for the past 15 years.

"We want the public to be able to come out and see the machines first hand,” said Kelsey McClure, the voter outreach coordinator for Elkhart County.

The new machines have added a second step to voting, adding a few minutes extra at the polls.

"It means more confidence for our voters seeing the process having the physical check before finally submitting it and leaving the polling place,” said McClure.

Once you receive your paper ballot you are ready to go.

"Once you receive your ballot slip you slip it into the new ballot marker. The marker is like a new fancy pen where it shows you your selections once you're done it prints right back out showing the selections on your slip,” said McClure.

You double check your ballot slip to make sure your choices are on it. Once those are checked, you submit your selections you have officially voted.

McCure said to make the process easier and faster, you should know what’s on your ballot before you go and vote.

"You can preview your ballot beforehand before you got to the polls on, you can look up your registration and there will link you to your exact ballot on who you will see on election day,” said McClure.

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