Newest marijuana dispensary opens in Buchanan

NOW: Newest marijuana dispensary opens in Buchanan

BUCHANAN, Mich. -- Another marijuana dispensary in Buchanan is ready for business — making it the third now open in the city.

After years of working to get permits and city approval, these shops are finally able to move into Buchanan — and High Profile Cannabis isn’t worried about the existing competition.

Ann Arbor-based C3 Industries has multiple locations in Michigan, but High Profile marks its first shop on the southwest side of the state.

“As a Michigander, we’re really passionate about being involved in the community. The way the laws are laid out right now, the communities are choosing to allow people in and Buchanan’s been very welcoming. So we were very fortunate to have a great relationship with the community here, very excited to open now to serve western Michigan,” said Kyle Teevens, store manager.

The store is also offering a special incentive to anyone with a medical marijuana card.

“This is actually a recreational-only store from a licensing standpoint, so what that means is anybody 21 and up can come in and purchase products. Medical patients – we still service them, we offer a nice discount to offset taxes at 15 percent,” said Teevens.

Despite Buchanan’s willingness to allow dispensaries in, Teevens believes this region is still an under served area and their business will help increase traffic in the city.

“I think that we’ll also attract people from surrounding communities over to Buchanan and hopefully drive some business.”

While also — boosting the local economy.

“We’re probably going have about 20 employees when it’s all said and done. I know we already have several team members who are residents of Buchanan, so very excited to be able to offer those employment opportunities for the community,” said Teevens. “And also shopping local for a lot of the supplies I buy. I’m at the hardware store down the road a few days a week, I’m buying lunch for staff from local restaurants, I’m shopping at the Dollar Store next door all the time. So we definitely want to be involved in the community.”

High Profile Cannabis has also partnered with Buchanan provisioning center Redbud Roots so they can locally source as many products as possible.

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