ABC57 Sound Off: Dangerous drivers through school zones

ABC57 Sound Off: Dangerous drivers through school zones

Paul Sniadecki doesn’t like the view outside his home when school lets out. 

Cars speeding down the road, traffic signs ignored, all while kids are walking home. 

“It’s very dangerous at times,” Sniadecki said. 

Across the street from his house on Twyckenham Dr., just a block away from John Adams High School, Sniadecki has noticed the school zone-marked speed limit sign doesn’t do much to slow down drivers. 

Possibly because the lights fastened to the sign aren’t working. 

“If we would just use them and turn them on, we may save somebody,” Sniadecki said. 

The City of South Bend planned to install 140 beacons with speed limits and flashing lights before this school year. ABC57 learned 25 of these beacons still don't have the speed limits mounted, according to the Department of Public Works, because contractors are waiting for the signs to be delivered. 

ABC57 informed DPW about the beacon on Twyckenham not functioning. 

Until it’s repaired, Sniadecki would like to see some police working to slow traffic. 

Both the Department of Public Works and the South Bend Police Department are asking people to report any issues through 311. 

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