Newtown officer could lose job because of PTSD

NEWTOWN, Conn. -- Nearly one year after one of the worst school shootings in United States history, a first responder is still haunted by the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Newtown, Connecticut officer Tom Bean came face to face with the horror of seeing the bodies of 20 children and 6 adults.

Now he could now lose his job because he was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.

The state of Connecticut is one of a few states that do not cover PTSD, something lawmakers would like to change.

"The last thing you ever want is a first responder getting ready to enter into a situation and have them think I wonder what long term harm this will do me," said Connecticut House Majority leader Joe Aresimowicz.

Right now Connecticut laws cover mental health care for long-term disability claims only if the diagnosis is connected to a physical injury.

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