Nice Saturday, blustery Sunday

NOW: Nice Saturday, blustery Sunday

Halloween Saturday is nice and fair, through trick-or-treating, Sunday is a blustery mess with wintry mix possible. A strong cold front with cut through late Saturday night bringing rain. Temperatures fall from the low 40s early Sunday into the 30s by the afternoon. Wind gusts could reach 40 mph and waves on Lake Michigan could be up to 12 feet. The cold breeze across the lake could producer lake effect showers, with temperatures in the mid-30s these showers could be rain or snow. Accumulation is not expected. Next week is extremely mild for early November. The biggest question is could we hit 70 again?

Tonight: Clearing. Low 30.
Tomorrow: Mostly sunny. High 54.
Sunday: Blustery, falling temperatures, lake effect rain/snow showers. High 40.
Monday: Mostly sunny. High 48

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