Niles businesses are put on halt after power outage

NOW: Niles businesses are put on halt after power outage

NILES, Mich.- Mayor Nick Shelton tweeting about the situation, saying power outage crews are investigating the cause.

Thankfully, things went back to normal.

No lights,no customers. “We just kind of said, “Oh, sorry the power went out,” says Justin Green a barista at Top Heavy.

Businesses along Main Stree, in Downtown Niles, suffered for a couple of hours while the city investigated a power outage on Monday morning.

”It was tough because of our expresso machine and our grinders, so we couldn’t do anything,” says Green.

According to Green, the local coffee house opened 7 a.m. sharp. Then, a couple hours later, things took a dark turn.

“The lights flickered and it went off for a second,” he says. “The power went off for a second. then turned back on and then went off again.”

But Green wasn’t the only one noticing the problem, “It started blinking at around 9:45,” says Becky Brown, a financial advisor at Edward Jones. “The power went on and off a couple times and then it just went off.”

Brown, just a couple doors down, unlike Green could serve customers, but was limited.

“Right now I just have my phones forwarded to my cell phone if they need a place trades or anything else I can call the home office, but right now I can’t really do anything.”

Almost every business said they do not have back up generatord. Right now, the city’s electric utility is investigating the cause.

“Usually when the power goes off, it comes right back within 10 minutes, this time it’s been a couple hours,” says Brown.

Mayor Nick Shelton tweets anyone still having issues should give City Hall a call.

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