Niles delivery driver has car stolen

NOW: Niles delivery driver has car stolen

NILES, Mich.

A Niles delivery driver says her car was stolen Wednesday. Christina Prescott says a man went into her purple PT cruiser and took off while she went back inside her job to grab her belongings.

Prescott says the alleged theft happened at 9:30 Wednesday night at 3rd Street Pizzeria in Niles. She does admit that she left her car unattended while it was running.

Prescott says she ran out to try and stop the theft from happening but was too late. She says losing her car so close to Christmas has been devastating.

“I was having a really hard time sleeping,” says Prescott. “I’d fall asleep for an hour or two and then I’d wake back up thinking and wondering where it might be or hopefully he’s dropped it off somewhere please give me my car back.”

Officials say this is an ongoing investigation. They urge the public to never leave a car unattended with the keys inside.

Prescott just hopes the person responsible will do the right thing. “Please drop my car off somewhere, anywhere, please,” says Prescott, “It does mean a lot to me. I need transportation.”

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