Niles high school senior publishes book

NOW: Niles high school senior publishes book


NILES, Mi. - A local Niles High School student recently published a book about his life.

Senior Stuart Lundberg said he wanted to put all his memories from his childhood in a book.

“I just started writing for a few months, a few hours at a time,” Lundberg said. “It brought back a lot of memories just writing the book, all the friends I made, my family, and my family history,”

Lundberg set out to write a book about his childhood in the summer of 2021. The 89-page memoir, titled “Only the Beginning” was published in the fall of 2020 and describes stories of Lundeberg’s life.

“Looking back on all that happens in my childhood, it gave me a lot of good memories to revisit,” Lundberg said.

In his memoir, Lundberg writes about moving to Michigan, from his hometown of Washington D.C., to learning about his family’s history, his journey interning with Indiana State Senator Mike Braun, and starting his project to help developing countries, and his struggles living with a non-cancerous bone tumor called osteochondroma.

His book describes the challenges and achievements of an adolescent through the years.

“You know everyone has made mistakes, and in the book, it talks about the mistakes I’ve made but also the solutions,” Lundberg said.

For Niles High School teacher, Leona Hein, one of Lundberg’s teachers, his achievement is no surprise. She describes him as a go-getter, who has always pushed himself.

“He’s a really good leader, he doesn’t just come up with ideas and throw them to someone else. He sticks with it,he comes up with a plan. He’s not afraid to approach people out in the community, adults, and students I think that is a really, great trait in a high school student,” Hein said,

Lundberg’s book can be purchased online on amazon. And what's Lundberg’s next journey you may ask? A freshman at Cornell University, next year!. 

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