Niles house fire likely caused by wood stove

NILES, Mich. -- A fire broke out just before 3:00pm Thursday afternoon, forcing a Niles man out of his home.  Investigators believe it was a wood stove that sparked the blaze.  

The resident was able to escape without getting hurt, but his house is considered a loss.  

Crews say the fire was stubborn, and firefighters used everything in their arsenal to put out the flames.

"We have the capability of putting foam on it, so not just water, it helps penetrate through everything to help put stuff out," says Gary Brovold, Fire Chief with Niles Charter Township.  

But the fire still proved difficult to put out, as it moved through walls and burned holes through the floor.  

Firefighter safety was a major factor in putting out the flames.  

"The structure in this one is severely damaged, holes through the floor and everything so there will be very little to salvage on this one," says Brovold.  

Crews are warning people with wood stoves to get them properly inspected and cleaned.  

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