Niles ice fest expecting thousands

Niles, Mich. -- Thousands of people are expected at the "Hunter Ice Festival" in Niles.

Ice sculptures line all along the streets to carve out their creations. They're holding up pretty well despite the high temps.

Many local stores are offering specials. Kids can get homemade hunter ice cream, face paintings and free hot chocolate.

There's a pub-style chili crawl and wine tasting for adults as well.

"Years ago you didn't even know what an ice sculpture was and then you'd read about it and it's far away. Now it's right here and it's beautiful! There's so many different sculptures and pieces of art and it's just such a sad thing that today is so warm. We need snow," said Pat Staczyk, Niles resident.

The best part of it all? It is completely free.

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