Niles man searching for stolen guns

NOW: Niles man searching for stolen guns

NILES, Mich. --- A Niles man said he someone stole guns from his home back in December.

Gregg Schoff filed a police report on December 15 with Niles Police Department. According to him, two rifles and Smith and Wesson 9MM handgun were stolen from his home.


“I’m worried for him,” said Pat Gragg, Schoff’s sister, who’s helping him search for the stolen firearms. “The knowing that somebody had been in there and took anything that belonged to him is just it’s frightening.”

She said her brother was sleeping when he discovered his handgun was gone.

“He rolled over and moved his arm that usually lays on his side,” she said. “And he didn’t feel his pistol under his pillow.”

Schoff said he immediately knew something wasn’t right.

“He got up, he searched and he realized that all of his guns had been stolen,” said Gragg.

She said she feels scared for her brother, who lives alone in a home that’s shielded from the public’s view.

“He’s afraid,” Gragg said. “He’s feeling violated, he’s scared.”

According to the Niles Police Department, they’ve had 13 reports of thefts – larceny and burglaries – in the past month. Schoff’s home invasion being one where dangerous weapons he said are in the wrong hands.

“We’re just trying to get the word out there, that even if we can’t get them back, don’t buy them,” Gragg said.

And the pair are asking for the public’s help in getting these firearms off the street.

“We just need a clue, a hint, any suggestion, you know anybody who’s suddenly selling some guns that you didn’t know they had,” she said. “Any moms that have found their kids have come home with something its very frustrating.”

Gragg said since the burglary, her brother has added many cameras to his property. If you have any information, contact the Niles Police Department at 269-683-1313.





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