Niles mother catches thief on camera, no arrests made yet

NOW: Niles mother catches thief on camera, no arrests made yet

“Two kids, two jobs. I do work hard for what I have it’s not handed to me. That’s why I was so frustrated… like ‘why’,” said Nikki Reed, a resident of Niles.

It was 4:00 a.m. Wednesday morning when 28-year-old Nikki Reed of Niles says she was about to have one of the longest days of her life.

“3 minutes before I wake up for work,” said Reed. “I did walk outside and see my interior lights on because he didn’t shut the door all the way, but it didn’t cross my mind that I got robbed,” said Reed. The thief was caught on her surveillance camera in her driveway. Reed hadn’t realized what happened at first as she was headed to her first shift of the day.

“I went to work, reached for my tool bag. Its was gone. So I immediately turned, looked for my wallet, it was also gone. I immediately went home and checked my cameras and that’s when I posted it and it blew up. Over 600 shares in less than 24 hours,” said Reed.

Those on social media immediately jumped in to help and she believes the thief has been identified. I talked with Niles police who say they are actively investigating.

“I mean they finger printed my truck, but they said it could take up to 6 months,” said Reed.

But despite Reed’s surveillance footage and comments on Facebook police have not yet arrested anyone.

“For the police to still not go and question him or look through his house just to get some of the belongings. I just I don’t know why… I even called them today,” said Reed.

Reed says all she wants is her stuff back and for the person responsible to come forward.

Reed “If it gets out there and somebody else goes and finds him, it wont be as pretty as jus the police going themselves,” said Reed.

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