Niles "Munchie Trail" gives restaurant discounts to customers at Green Stem

NOW: Niles “Munchie Trail“ gives restaurant discounts to customers at Green Stem

NILES, Mich. -- Green Stem Provisioning has been seeing a record high of customers, nearly 4,000 a week – 75% of which are from out of state.

So, they’re using that business to give the local economy a boost.

“We have a responsibility to be a big part of this community and we want to make it better, we want Niles to be a big place on the map,” said Michael Lynch, Director of Operations.

Whether it’s for recreational or medical marijuana, customers will now get an incentive for shopping local. 

“They just take their receipt and at the bottom there’s a list of all the eligible restaurants, bring their receipt to that restaurant and each one has a unique deal they’re going to offer,” said Lynch. “There’s one caveat, you need to do it within 24 hours of the sale.”

A deal customers can find at any of the 13 restaurants that have already become part of it.

“I’m offering 5% off any meal with the receipt from Green Stem and then $5 off any $25 spent,” said Rodney Glenn, owner of Uncle Rod’s BBQ & Catering.

Saying this can help restaurants struggling from the pandemic rebound – plus, encourage more people to stick around and explore Niles.

“They’re helping the local businesses and have a lot of people coming through – and from out of town – who will be able to taste my food,” said Glenn. “I think with Green Stem there, it helps the economy in Niles.”

Green Stem says they’re open to adding any other Niles restaurants to the “Munchie Trail” if they reach out.

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