Niles non-profit experiences major budget cuts

A local non-profit is hoping for a Thanksgiving miracle. Due to federal budget cuts, $40,000 was taken away from the Ferry Street Resource Center in Niles.

Nearly 5,000 citizens utilized the center in 2013. The center helps low income families find jobs and benefits. Adults can also take a class to obtain their GED.

Thurman Palmore said if the center stays open, he will take the class to get a high school degree. The center is still open on Mondays and Wednesdays for citizens like Palmore. Before the cuts, the center was open four days a week.

Palmore said, “They've helped a lot of people in this neighborhood and just around town. It's a good place. And they do care for you. Because they help all of us out. Seriously.”

At 37 years old Palmore said he wants to be a good example for his daughters.

Palmore said, "I want them to realize that if I can do it, they can do it. And that's what us parents need to start thinking. Because if our kids realize we did something positive. They can do it too.”

The two grants that no longer support the center include the Niles Community Schools Adult Education Grant and the Community Development Block Grant through HUD.

Sue Polishuk said, "I feel responsible for the people that we help. And I don't want to let them down. I think it would be very tough if we did have to close the center.”

As the director, Polishuk said the center has become a staple in the Niles community. The center is applying for new grants so they can go back to operating four days a week.

Polishuk said, “Without us, there would be some people in big trouble financially.”

Polishuk said volunteers help low income families find careers.

Polishuk said “Some people come in, and they don't have any food in their house that day. So we refer them to agencies that might be able to help!”

If you would like to donate to the Ferry Street Resource Center to help them during this difficult time you can call the center at 269-687-9860.
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