Niles Police working to implement mobile finger print scanning

NILES, Mich – The Niles Police Department will soon have a mobile finger print system that they say will make Niles safer. 

The Niles City Council approved the $3,200 device that the Niles Police Department plans to have in-use in the next “30 to 60 days.”

“With this device and this technology allows us to take a mobile finger print system and quickly and very positively identify people out on the street” Niles Police Captain Kevin Kosten said. 

Officers on the Niles Police Department will be equipped to use the device during traffic or crime stops to positively identify a person. 

“Anything that helps the community and country run smoother and better and to protect the community especially with all the shootings that has happened lately and everything in general of course that would help everyone” Niles resident Natalia Fuentes said. 

Niles Police say they will also use it to help positively identify people who have died, and non-verbal people to help the reconnect with family. 

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