Niles Scream Park gears up for the season, celebrating fifty years of fear

NOW: Niles Scream Park gears up for the season, celebrating fifty years of fear

NILES, Mich. -- It’s never too early to get a good scare in.

This Friday, the Niles Scream Park opens to the public for the 2023 season!

And this season is a monumental one, it’s the park’s 50th year as Michiana's number one haunted attraction for spooky season.

When you come, you better brace yourself for a scare at every turn.

“It’s a ton of work, we work year-round to build new attractions and to change things so it’s always fresh and new every year,” says Karen Wright, Head Cashier of Niles Scream Park.

It’s the park’s 50th year of fear, a milestone it's incorporating throughout attractions.

“We actually have several things that we have incorporated into the haunted house and other attractions this year that are kind of a reboot or a reminisce of scares in days gone by,” Wright explains.

For Karen and her daughter Mary, who have both been with the scream park for over a decade, this year's planning is to not only provide the scares, but also to showcase the history of horror at the park, showing how much it's evolved since 1974.

“I’m just excited to look back on our history and see how much we’ve grown, changed, and kind of adapted,” says Mary Wright, a cashier at the scream park.

The screams of course are the main seller, with three indoor attractions, a hayride, the field of screams, as well as entertainment for the whole family.

“You’re giving people a good time, they’re coming here, they want to be scared, they want to be entertained,” Mary says.

Probably the least scary part, is how the Niles Scream Park gives back to the community, donating proceeds to a number of Michiana causes.

“Since 1996, our donations are roughly 2.4 million dollars back into the Michiana area,” shares Karen.

Just be ready to celebrate the charity and the tradition with a scream.

If you’re thinking it’s too early to go, the staff says now is a great time to go if you’re a true horror fan. You can take your time roaming the park and going through all of the attractions, plus it’s way less crowded. You can find everything you need to know before planning your trip to the scream park on their website.

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