Niles vet facing misdemeanors after dead animals found

NOW: Niles vet facing misdemeanors after dead animals found


BERTRAND TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- A Niles vet is now facing 10 misdemeanor charges after trailers with dead animals were found on his property.

An employee with Wright’s Tree Service was working in the 2400 block of Mayflower Road when a foul smell nearby led him to find the deceased pets and call police fearing a case of animal abuse.

“They smelled foul, they were concerned, they wanted someone to check it out,” said Tiffany Peterson, Director of Berrien County Animal Control.

Officials were called to the scene just after 10 a.m. Monday where they found six dogs, four cats and the carcass of a horse – all dead on the Mayflower property.

Then discovering it’s owned by Niles veterinarian Loren Brandt who also owns the River Valley Equine & Small Animal Clinic.

Dr. Brandt admitted to ABC 57 off-camera he brought the euthanized pets there to be buried, at their owners’ request, then claims he just forgot about them.

“He said that it was a little over a month and it was clearly longer than that because of how badly the carcasses were decomposed,” said Peterson.

Specifically the horse, down to just dried bones, has officials now questioning if this really is the first time Dr. Brandt did not properly dispose of animal remains.

“It’s clear that it’s happened before, we’ve just never gotten a call before and we don’t have any prior history with him,” said Peterson.

Leaving the vet now facing 10 misdemeanor charges – one for each pet left in a dumpster like container.

Berrien County Animal Control encourages all vets to use their services for a proper and legal burial.

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