NIPSCO projects higher cost heating bills this winter

NIPSCO is estimating winter weather bills to be higher compared to last year during the same time.

Based on current market projections as well as assuming that this year’s winter weather will be normal, NIPSCO says bills for natural gas residential customers could be higher this year.

The higher bills are due to increased natural gas costs and investments made by NIPSCO to modernize the natural gas infrastructure .

NIPSCO says average residential customers using a total of 626 therms could expect to pay about $399 compared to about $321 last winter. However, NIPSCO representatives say last year’s average was the second lowest in 10 years.

“Although market prices have gone up over last year, they remain low overall, and natural gas continues to be one of the most cost-effective, reliable and abundant sources of energy,” said Violet Sistovaris, Executive Vice President for NIPSCO

NIPSCO says these projections take into account market forecasts, supply trends and storage levels.

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