No cause determined in Elkhart structure fire

ELKHART, Ind.—Officials with the Elkhart Fire Department said that no cause was determined during their investigation into an early morning fire at EMCO Chemical Distribution Center on Friday.

Firefighters responded to a fire alarm at EMCO Chemical Distribution Center, located on the 3500 block of Cooper Drive in Elkhart around 1:55 a.m. on Friday.

Upon arrival, firefighters did not find an alarm sounding from the exterior, but noticed light smoke coming from the top of a door and water running from underneath the door.

A full response call was put out by the firefighters due to the weather conditions.

Firefighters forced a door open and found the inside of the building filled with heavy smoke.

A semi-truck was also involved, with a fire in the engine compartment.

A sprinkler system was keeping the fire from spreading throughout the rest of the building.

The fire was deemed under control around 2:25 a.m.

According to fire department documents, the cause of the fire remains undetermined due to fire damage to the vehicle.

No one was inside of the building at the time of fire and no injuries were reported.

An ambulance was on the scene to keep firefighters warm while they worked to put the fire out.

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