Non-traditional ways couples in Michiana are celebrating Valentine's Day

Couples across Michiana are showing their love in different ways this Valentine's Day weekend.

The blockbuster to see with your lover this weekend is 50 Shades of Grey, the tale of two lovers in their 20s going on a sexual escapade.

The movie is just one example of how couples are spending Valentine's Day differently.

“I'm just ready to see it,” said Austin Newcomb.

It is not a show Newcomb wants to see.

“Kinda, not really; he was curious,” said Samantha Newcomb, Austin's wife.

As they say, “a happy wife equals a happy life,” and that stands true this Valentine's Day weekend as hundreds of couples across Michiana are flocking to see 50 Shades of Grey.

“Because, it is a romance weekend,” said Bill Swisher, the owner of South Cliff Inn Bed and Breakfast in St. Joseph, Michigan. 

His place is all booked up.

“This weekend is always a full weekend. It's the romance weekend,” said Swisher.

It's a time to bring love birds together in a romantic setting.

“People just want to get away. I had one couple here for four days,” said Swisher.

People booked despite Mother Nature's mess.

“Bad weather or not it doesn't make a difference,” said Swisher.

About forty minutes away, it is the same story.

“Valentine's Day is definitely one of the wildest days of the year for us,” said Joseph Vlee, the General Manager of Corndance Tavern.

He cannot wait to help couples celebrate their special day.

“The chef has been busy putting together a nice, couple-oriented items,” said Vlee.

If you would rather stay safe inside from the snow, there are other options.

“We had to hire about 50 temps to help us at our 3 stores,” said Lori Gordon, co-owner of Edible Arrangements.

She can have your gifts delivered right to your doorstep.

“We do the prepping around the clock,” said Gordon.

So, whether you are into balloons or blindfolds, most couples can agree on one thing.

“Love is in the air!”
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