Notre Dame and South Bend encourage students to stay post-grad

NOW: Notre Dame and South Bend encourage students to stay post-grad

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Notre Dame welcomed its new class of graduate students Tuesday night by introducing them to the university’s partnership with the city. A recent grad shared why he stayed after receiving his diploma.

“It’s actually really exciting right now. We always say it’s ripe. Everything’s happening all at the same time,” said Mark Accomando, a recent Notre Dame graduate and new associate of GLC Ventures.

May 2017 Notre Dame graduate Mark Accomando grew to love the city during his two years in South Bend, thanks to the fact that his studies took him out of the classroom and into the community.

“Giving the students at least a little bit more of a hook to want to stay and want to contribute more to the community, and that’s what landed it for me. You have people here that are so passionate, that we kind of can see what the value is. It’s more than just the university,” he said.

The hope is that graduate students will apply the knowledge and expertise they gain at Notre Dame and apply it to South Bend’s continued development.

That’s why the university and South Bend introduced a partnership to the new graduate student class of 3600 right off the bat.

“You have arrived in the city of South Bend during the most positive and transformative period in the modern life of the city,” said South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

“We continue to strive to take our research from our campus, bring that to our community, bring that into business here locally,” said Notre Dame Associate Vice President of Public Affairs, Tim Sexton.

“I regard you as part of our town from now until you make your way to where you’re headed, and you might put down roots and decide this is going to be home for you and your family,” said Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

At least for a little while, Mark is putting down roots in South Bend’s budding finance and tech industry, at GLC Ventures.

“[It’s] really looking to capitalize on some of the awesome technology that you have out West and bring it here and launch it with some of the more established corporations that you have out here,” said Accomando.

Then, he can write a page in South Bend’s history book.

“I get to contribute and have my fingertips on what South Bend is and where it’s going,” said Accomando.

Notre Dame’s Director of Graduate Career Services said they estimate that a little less than 10% of graduate students stay in the city upon receiving their degrees.

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