Notre Dame and Temple fans prepare for Saturday matchup


College football fans have been rallying for both Notre Dame and Temple in Philadelphia although some locals say it isn't much of a college football town.

The Irish pep rally happened at the Commerce Plaza where lots of locals walk by.

Many were asking ABC 57’s Brandon Pope about what was happening as the Notre Dame fight song played.

This is only the second time Temple and Notre Dame have played and the first time in Philadelphia.

It’s Notre Dame's first trip to the city in more than 20 years and local Irish fans are ecstatic to have their favorite team in town.

"The city is very happy to have them here and we would love to have them back again soon," said Joe Rearden, a Notre Dame fan of Philadelphia.

"A lot of temple fans. But it's a hometown game for them. But they'll be sad tomorrow night," said Ellen Raspitha, also a Notre Dame fan from New York.

The source of that sadness could very well be Notre Dame Quarterback Deshone Kizer.

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