Notre Dame defensive line making improvements before the annual Blue-Gold game

NOW: Notre Dame defensive line making improvements before the annual Blue-Gold game

SOUTH BEND, Ind – Plenty of opportunities at the defensive line now that Isaiah Foskey and others have declared for the NFL draft.

The new guys up to the line of scrimmage aren’t new to Notre dame but they’ve waited their turn to shine for a program that’s driven by two things.

“Coach Freeman says, this is a o-line, d-line driven program,” said defensive lineman Tyson Ford.

The d-line is guided by second year coach Al Washington and he’s noticing a few of his guys stepping up and accepting the challenge.

“From the older guys, there's been improvement, you know, like Nana, Rylie Mills, who was inside now. He's really done a fine job embracing that role,” Washington added.

“I'm just trying to do like what the other guys did for me. Just like make sure I'm like being a leader to the younger guys in the room making sure they know anything. Still meeting with coach Wash, (Al Washington) like still trying to get better,” said defensive lineman Jason Onye.

Although it’s still pretty early, it’s hard to say where the off-season production will lead to when the season begins, but right now, it’s all about one thing.

“You got to stay focused, you can't get too far in front of hit like, so you got to take it one day at a time. And you have to put objectives that are attainable every day,” Washington mentioned.

“Coach Wash coming in and helping us like, me, Gabe, Tyson refine our technique and get better and I play faster be more confident in our game. That's like been huge this offseason,” Onye added.

The annual Blue-Gold game is just over a week away on April 22nd at 2 p.m.

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