Notre Dame Football picks up where they left off during Fall Camp

NOW: Notre Dame Football picks up where they left off during Fall Camp

SOUTH BEND, Ind – Notre Dame football wrapped up day three of Fall Camp on Monday.

They're preparing for their season opener against the Ohio State Buckeyes.

The matchup against the Buckeyes is creeping up pretty fast and although the quarterback competition is up in the air for the Irish, let’s not forget about the defense that will face a top ranked offense from Ohio state.

In week one of Notre Dame’s season, the first defensive assignment is the top ranked offense in the college football.

As fall camp gets underway, new Defensive Graduate Assistant James Laurinaitis says there’s no room for error.

“We know the team in Columbus right now is grinding. And we know how talented they are. And you watch my film, you're like, oh, gosh, like that's talented bunch. So, no, we can't let these little mistakes made. It's alright, we'll get it well, no, we need to eliminate those,” said Laurinaitis.

That talented group in Columbus is led by quarterback CJ Stroud, who said during Big Ten media day, that he’s looking forward to the spotlight during the September 3rd matchup.

“I’m ready for everything. I try to be at least but with a team like that you just have to respect them and I think it’s going to be a battle and it’s going to be a great game,” said Stroud.

The defense will have a fresh look under new Defensive Coordinator Al Golden, but it’s guys like linebackers JD Bertrand and Marist Liufau, who missed the 2021 season with an injury, that make a difference on the field.

“Just not being able to play just puts things in perspective that is good to be taken away from you in an instant. So being out here every day I’m just grateful to take every rep I can," Liufau said.

“I'm also competing with myself and the JD Bertrand that plays at Michigan and the JD version and plays within the state of Georgia and all these other schools. And so, as long as I come away every single day and say, hey, I got better that day, whether I mean on the field, and then taking it to the mental side of the classroom,” Bertrand added.

The mental side of the game should be easier for the linebacker unit, who looked pretty comfortable together after Monday's practice, singing together during Liufau’s interview.

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