Notre Dame freshman brings magic to campus

A Notre Dame student has been bringing his own brand of magic to the Notre Dame campus this year. Freshman Gabriel Krut shows off his magic skills to ABC57's Jess Arnold.

"I think what makes magic special is it's obviously something that should not be possible," said Gabriel Krut. "It's this kind of perversion of the world around them. They thought they knew how things worked, and I'm a medium to show them that no, that's not actually the case and open their minds a little."

Krut is a freshman and Notre Dame and a magician.

"My grandfather showed me a card trick when I was maybe eight or nine, and he taught it to me and I learned it and I did it over and over," Krut said.

Krut is a junior member of the Magic Castle, the exclusive club of the Academy of Magical Arts, in Hollywood.

Krut has performed throughout San Diego, his hometown, and even at Notre Dame Day.

"I'm still pinching myself," Krut said.

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