Notre Dame heartbroken over Saturday's loss

The offensive and defensive coordinators of Notre Dame football held a press conference Tuesday.

Offensive coordinator Mike Denbrock talked about the penalty on that last minute touchdown that was taken back from the Irish.  
There were only 13 seconds left on the clock when Golson threw a pass to Robinson for a potentially game-winning touchdown, but Notre Dame was called for pass interference.
Denbrock says he is still heartbroken over that penalty.
“They're mature enough to understand that looking backwards is going to do nothing but put us into a jeopardizing position. I think they are slowly moving on. I will say I'm happy that we don't have to play this week because I think it gives them some time to put themselves in a position mentally where we can go attack it,” says Denbrock
Notre Dame has a bye this weekend. They travel to Maryland on November 1st to play the Navy Midshipmen.
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