Notre Dame holds discussion panel on crisis in Syria

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- As the crisis overseas intensifies, local experts on Syria spoke at the Hesburgh Center for International Studies on the Notre Dame campus to students and faculty about America's options.

The speakers included a professor of history and peace studies, a professor of law and a professor of political science.

The panel of experts talked a lot about the dynamics of that region and why Syria's location in the Middle East would make military intervention particularly tricky for our military.

The law professor talked about the legal issues, like what happens if the U.S. uses force and how does that threaten American security.

The panel didn't take one side or another but rather considered both sides of the argument.

The president is set to speak on this issue at 9pm Tuesday. It will be his final attempt to convince a war-weary American public of why military intervention could be necessary.


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