Notre Dame hosts high school basketball camp

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The Irish welcomed in 13 schools to participate and compete against each other in front of Notre Dame coaches and scouts.

The event was an opportunity to provide exposure for talent at the high school level, while working in favor of Notre Dame.

“The more people that get chance to set foot on Notre Dame's campus is great,” Notre Dame Men’s Basketball Head Coach Micah Shrewsberry said.

Shrewsberry decided to host the camp, after finishing his first season at the helm. Giving players and coaches that have never been to the campus, let alone, seen the facilities.

“It's a great chance for our guys to you know, play in front of a D-1coaching staff and even if they're not being recruited by Notre Dame you know, there's always other coaches that will reach out to them and they can help us you know, get these guys to college,” South Bend Washington boys basketball head coach Ryan Varga said.

The ultimate goal is to get players into college, whether it be for basketball or academics. Shrewsberry wanted to open Notre Dame up to that level of exposure, which is why he didn’t limit it to Michiana.

“Coach Shrews has done a great job at Purdue, a Penn State now being here. And so, with our players, we just want to get them exposure, be able to get them to come to these places, see the university play against good teams. I think one thing about coming up here is great competition,” Indianapolis Crispus Attucks boys basketball Head Coach Christopher Hawkins mentioned.

“I was raised on Indiana, high school basketball, but we also have teams from Ohio teams from Kentucky, like other states that are here. And you know, as we keep going, and the years go on, I think, add more teams,” Shrewsberry added.

But there’s nothing better than having talent in your backyard that can experience this caliber of an event.

“We got some guys on our team that have never been to Notre Dame, you know, so to come on campus and see the campus for the first time and see the football field. And, you know, the second to none facilities, it's a great atmosphere for us and a great experience,” Varga said.

“Indiana does it, Purdue does it, Butler does it, you know, a lot of the teams that do it, like, you know, we want to add our ourselves to the mix,” Shrewsberry mentioned.

Shrewsberry and his staff also want to stay in the mix with 2026 shooting guard Steven Reynolds III, from South Bend Washington.

Reynolds is a 6’5 guard that has offers from Notre Dame, Michigan State, Purdue, and Nebraska. Lengthy and sharp shooting are just a few things that describe Reynolds’ game, and it was on display at today’s camp.

“It's definitely really good you know, having the coaches be able to see me, you know, take a look at me give me feedback and stuff. It's definitely good to have an offer obviously, because you work hard for it and it’s your hometown,” Reynolds III said.

Going into his junior season, Reynolds has the exposure playing on the USA Junior National team. His father, Steven Reynolds Jr, who’s the head coach of the girls' basketball at South Bend Washington, is also there to keep him consistent during his journey.

“I'm with him every day, you know, we're going to him three times a day, he's lifting, he's shooting. And that's where I kind of come in just with my expertise, coaching and just a knowledge of game. But when we get here, I just try to enjoy watching him play.” Reynolds Jr said.

“Obviously, he has a lot of basketball knowledge playing in college and playing overseas and stuff. So, it's just a lot of intelligent conversations about basketball and just how I can get to the next level,” Reynolds III added.

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