Notre Dame juniors launch website selling custom face masks

NOW: Notre Dame juniors launch website selling custom face masks

NOTRE DAME, Ind. --- You can’t go anywhere on the University of Notre Dame’s campus without a mask, including the stadium on game-day.

That’s why a couple students had the idea to make wearing masks a little more interesting and show off some school spirit at the same time.

Juniors Ryan Hembree and Jay Lokhorst have created dozens of different designs for face masks. One for each undergraduate residence hall as well a few designs anyone that anyone can wear.  

“it’s a new experience I’d say.” 

 Attending the university of Notre Dame during a pandemic is not something the pair ever expected to do. Let alone launch their own website selling face masks. 

 “I’ll be able to tell my grandkids I went to college during a pandemic!” Lokhorst said. “I had texted Ryan and said hey we should make some for all of the dorms. Every dorm on campus has one that we made inspired by their mascot or their name or something like that and then we have a couple basic ones.” 

 They’ve sold 400 masks so far on their website L+H Masks. 

 “You know we thought this would be a good way to you know not only encourage people to be safe but also to give back to the community,” Hembree said.  

With every 10-dollar mask sold, one dollar goes to the Catholic COVID relief fund of Fort Wayne South Bend. 

“All across the country and especially here it’s been really tough so being able to give back I feel like has been very important,” Hembree said. “We’re all in this together. Do your part, wear your mask. If we stay safe, everyone wins.” 

Jay and Ryan plan to continue to sell their face masks as long as it’s a requirement on campus. You can buy yours by visiting their Shopify store. 



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