Notre Dame law students prevented from traveling to Italy due to coronavirus

NOTRE DAME, Ind. – Notre Dame students were set to travel to Italy on Tuesday before the coronavirus outbreak cancelled the trip.

The five law students planned on heading to Rome where students would compete in an international tournament.  

Notre Dame students had been preparing for months only to find out only a week before flying that the event was cancelled.

“It’s a bummer. I mean, we have put a ton of time into it. We spent most of our winter break writing the briefs for the tournament. We had already begun practicing, researching more, we already knew which teams we were ready to face…we were ready to go so it was a real bummer that we didn’t get to take our trip to Rome and didn’t get to compete in the tournament,” said Jim Scales, a second year law student.

The event allows students from around the world to compete against other students and argue with judges in a moot court.

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