Notre Dame men's basketball starts ACC season on Wednesday

NOW: Notre Dame men’s basketball starts ACC season on Wednesday

The Notre Dame men’s basketball team will begin ACC play on Wednesday night against the 9th ranked Tar Heels in North Carolina. Head Coach Mike Brey says this team has the confidence and the experience to pull off the upset to start the season.

“I think everybody’s practices have been a little more focused because of how we’re starting the season. In a lot of ways it’s been a nice teaching tool to remind them 'Hey fellas first game of the season,'" Coach Brey said. “I think it’s helped us knowing we are coming out of the gate like that. And no matter what happens down there we still have 19 of them left. But certainly it would be a shot in the arm for this group to go get one down there right out of the gate.”

It will be a tough test for the team as they look to start this season off with a win.

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