Notre Dame putting first game into perspective and getting ready for The Big House

NOTRE DAME, Ind. --The University of Notre Dame is putting the evacuation at the stadium into perspective.

The fans had to be evacuated twice during Saturday’s game because of bad weather.

The university says the last time a game was nearly postponed because of weather was in 1923, when Knute Rockne was the coach.

Rockne asked that the fame be postponed, but it went on as planned. Notre Dame ended up beating St. Louis 13-0, with 22 fumbles in the game. 

Notre dame is putting Saturday’s game behind them and getting ready for their game in Ann Arbor this weekend.

The wolverines are making some adjustments now that they know the starting quarterback will be Tommy Rees.

Michigan won their game last weekend, but the coach, Brady Hoke, says that there is still room for improvement and they are not taking Notre Dame lightly.

Hoke says, “The test obviously gets much bigger this week.  The rivalry is one we're excited about obviously there are some things that go along with the game this year with playing at night, and the first game in the throw back uniforms.”

Michigan says in order to win it’s quarterback has to manage the offense. Notre Dame is all about being productive.

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