Notre Dame releases campaign to remind students to stay safe

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - New details on a new messaging campaign coming from Notre Dame. Titled “here” – it allows students to learn more about how the university is keeping them safe while they work towards their degrees.

There is less than a month left until Notre Dame's grounds will be bustling with students. That’s why the university is taking steps to make sure those students are prepared to be safe before coming back to campus.

“We cheer, here come the Irish. But this year being here will be different," you hear from the "here" video.

As universities reopen soon, Notre Dame officials have started a new website and messaging campaign encouraging all students to be responsible for their own health and those around them.

"We have 50,000 signs on campus to just provide students with reminders of practicing social distancing, wearing masks, two to an elevator and just a wide variety of messages to keep those messages top of mind," Dennis Brown, a university spokesman said.

On top of mask and social distancing reminders, there will also be an online health check students must do daily.

However, some students I spoke to are still wary to get back on campus next month.

“I’m kind of nervous not because of the school but because of the undergrad. I feel like the school is giving us a lot of resources and trying to do their best but I’m worried kids aren’t going to follow the rules," Lauren Vaca, a Notre Dame law student said.

“I’m scared. I’m worried. I’m not really sure how things are going to go. Hopefully, everybody is going to be responsible and not selfish.” “the fact that Notre Dame is doing something is good. It really depends on how it’s going to be regulated," Hind Zahoura, a Notre Dame rising senior said.

That's exactly why university officials say they created the campaign.

“We could send a letter to students and say here are the guidelines that you need to follow and leave it at that or we can really go above and beyond and produce 50,000 signs," Brown said. “It won’t be a matter of people on campus not being aware it will be a matter of self-discipline.”

When it comes to those students who live off-campus, there are added worries.

“It’s one thing to tell people to maintain their physical distance it’s another one to make sure they are doing it on-campus might be easy but a lot of us live off-campus so how do we make sure all those rules are also maintained off-campus in restaurants and whatnot," Zahoura said.

But it’s something the school has considered.

“This isn’t just about on-campus. We are trying to make it clear to our students in particular that they have a responsibility off campus as well," Brown said.

While nobody is sure what’s going to happen with the coronavirus on campus, everyone is being urged to do their part.

For more on the “here” campaign, click here.

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