Notre Dame rolls out newest facilites in Campus Crossroads project

NOW: Notre Dame rolls out newest facilites in Campus Crossroads project


A brand new hub, or three, of academics, athletics, and student life is the latest to hit Notre Dame’s campus. The nearly 4-year and $400 million Campus Crossroads project is still rolling out some last punches.

“In some ways this is the conclusion of the Crossroads Project but it’s the beginning of a new era in terms of a lot of different things at the University,” said Dennis Brown, Asst. Vice President for News and Media Relations Notre Dame.

We’re talking 800,000 square-feet of cutting edge tech, research, and performance space and you’re part of that equation.

“We were very intentional about some of the spaces that we designed. It’s a space that is primarily is for the campus but the community is more than welcome to come in and join us,” said Brown.

Much to everyone’s benefit, many academics departments, like Musical Arts, were moved from different parts of campus into one space, some with state-of-the-art facilities for students to practice in. And brand new to O’Neill Hall are two 2,200 square-foot halls for rehearsals and concert performances where students can start recording them from three different angles.

Inside Corbett Family Hall just to the stadiums east side, you’ll find a combo of anthropology space holding ancient pots and bones. If you’re not into that…

“I did see smoothies right as I walked in the door,” said Sophie Rodriguez, a freshman at Notre Dame.

Check out the newest micro-restaurant options with organic, farm-to-fork, and Vietnamese options, open to the public.

“We wanted to look at the dining trends of the future. So through each of the three restaurants here we really touch on that ethnic authenticity when it comes to the flavors of the food, clean label, sustainability,” said Chris Abayasinghe, Senior Director of Campus Dining.

“That’s something that I find very important so I’m really excited about the food options.. and also we heard that there was a rock climbing wall,” said Rodriguez.

A huge part of the Notre Dame family since the very beginning, recreational sports. A new, 3-level rec sports facility was just added to Duncan Hall on the stadium’s west side.

“I’m looking forward to just seeing this space specifically be somewhere where students come to hang out and just having a space where we can have this become just like home like the rest of campus,” said Rodriguez.

For more information on the opening of the facilities, click here.

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